Privacy Goal takes your privacy very seriously and strives to collect minimal information. The information that is collected will be outlined below.

Cookies keeps cookie use to a minimum. These are the only times cookies are stored:

  • When you log in as a user in commento (No cookie when commenting anonymously).
  • When you opt-in or opt-out of tracking.
  • When moving around the site for tracking (See for more details).


A self hosted instance of Matomo is used for site analytics. Do not track requests sent by browsers are honored. These are the things that are recorded:

  • First two bytes of IP address (e.g.
  • User agent used to access the website (e.g. iPhone, iOS, Safari)
  • Page visited.

This data is used to help determine what kind of content readers view the most so that more of that type of content can be created for the readers.

Tracking Status

You can use the tool below to check your tracking status. You can also opt-out manually.